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This website has been created for those who love Orkney music, whatever the genre. Orkney.Music.co.uk is an online extension of Grooves independent record store, which has been trading in Kirkwall since 1990.
The Orkney music scene is as lively as it is varied. Whether you’re looking for award-winning folk, traditional pipe tunes or hard rock from one of Orkney’s many young bands, if it’s recorded by an Orkney artist, you should find it here. 
If there’s something you’ve heard about but can’t find, please get in touch and we will try to obtain it for you.


We work closely with local artists to help promote their music and hope you enjoy browsing through the collection. You can listen to clips before downloading. 
Single tracks and albums are available as MP3 downloads which can be played on all electronic devices. To play on some devices (e.g. iphones) you may need to download to your desktop computer and then sync your devices, or use  an App designed for this purpose - see our FAQs [link] for more information.
We are also producing a back catalogue of previously recorded tunes we plan to make available as online downloads. If you know of a historic recording you would like to be able to access, please get in touch and we will see what we can do.
Above all, enjoy listening to Orkney music!

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Lonely Scapa Flow

Angus Findlater

Lonely Scapa Flow


cd - £12.99

download - £10.99


This album feature's one of Orkney's most gifted singers, performing his favourite songs including some Orkney classics by Allie Windwick

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