Scapa Flow

The Ronald Anderson band

Scapa Flow

Ronald Anderson and his band have been very popular in Orkney over many years, and, on this, their 2nd CD, the band demonstrate just why their popularity hasn't diminished. There is a great mix of tunes, played with style and confidence, making it equally suited to either dancing, or just relaxing and listening by the fire. The band on this album are:


Ronald Anderson - Accordion

Erika Shearer - Fiddle

Colin Wilson - Drums

Margaret Scollay - Piano

Jim Halcrow - Second Accordion

album - £10.99
track listing
1. Scapa Flow, Deerness Reel £0.89
2. Smith's Farewell to Shetland, The Sands o Burrafirth £0.89
3. Jean & Andy Leonard's Waltz £0.89
4. Over the Sea, Paddy MacDonald's Leather Breeks; Jack's Pocket Ashtray £0.89
5. The Kiwi Pipers; Calum Beag £0.89
6. The Fiddler's Godmother £0.89
7. Rognvald Brusason £0.89
8. 79th Highlanders; Judith & Robert Whitehead £0.89
9. The Band Boy's Polka £0.89
10. Lisa £0.89
11. Barbara Emslie; Jessie Ferguson; Crucifield £0.89
12. The Strynd; EL Adhem £0.89
13. Heights of Casino; Angus MacKinnon £0.89
14. Scalloway Voe; My Mother £0.89
15. Jig for Runrig; Jim McAlister's Jig; Wee Murdy; Calliope House £0.89

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cd - £12.99

download - £10.99


This album feature's one of Orkney's most gifted singers, performing his favourite songs including some Orkney classics by Allie Windwick

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