The Stronsay Weaver

Pat Shearer

The Stronsay Weaver

cd - £12.99

Pat Shearer started playing the fiddle at four years of age and in adulthood would never leave home without throwing the fiddle in the back of the car.

This, his only album takes its title from one of Pat's own compositions, The Stronsay Weaver, which is dedicated to his father who was a weaver.

The music he chose for the album is a mixture of Orcadian tunes and Canadian Maritime music and is played for you in his own distinctive style.


Accompanying Pat on the album are -

Molly Ritch - Piano

Stewart Shearer(nephew) - Guitar

Ian Mackay - Bass

Billy Peace - Piano

album - £10.99
track listing
1. Scapa Flow, Deerness Reel £0.89
2. Jim the fiddle maker £0.89
3. The Hills of Hoy £0.89
4. Florence Killen's Waltz £0.89
5. The Heatherlea Waltz, Scara Taing, Irene's Reel £0.89
6. Reel De L'veugle, Tha Canadian Ree £0.89
7. Kerrie Marie Shearer, Natlie Jean McAdie, The Stronsay Weaver £0.89
8. Topel's Tavery Waltz, Bonnie Lea Jig £0.89
9. Spaelimenninir i Hoydolum £0.89
10. The heroes of Longhope £0.89
11. Garnet's Tune £0.89
12. Barbara's wedding, The Greeny hill march £0.89
13. Kathleen's wedding' Orkney Isles Hornpipe, Tor Reid Hornpipe £0.89

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This album feature's one of Orkney's most gifted singers, performing his favourite songs including some Orkney classics by Allie Windwick

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