Trip to Orkney


Trip to Orkney

cd - £12.99

Hullion again demonstrate on this album why they are Orkney's premier traditional Folk Band, with a mixture of songs and tunes, many of local origin, played and sung in their own very distinctive style. the band play music for enjoyment and that enjoyment is transmitted to their audience, hence their ongoing popularity. The line up remains unchanged, with:


Ingrid Jolly  -  Vocals and Guitar

Billy Jolly  -  Vocals/Harmonica

Micky Austin  -  Banjo/Mandolin

Andy Cant  -  Fiddle/Mandolin

Owen Tierney  -  Guitar/Mandolin

album - £10.99
track listing
1. Salute to Pat Shearer £0.89
2. Three Score and Ten £0.89
3. The Trip to Orkney Waltz £0.89
4. Molly Rankins £0.89
5. The Foaming Sea £0.89
6. Gerry and Evelyns Sunset Promenade £0.89
7. The Home Ruler £0.89
8. Duncan and Vicky Skelding £0.89
9. Picky By The Sea £0.89
10. The American Polka £0.89
11. Waltzins for Dreamers £0.89
12. Janes Bridal March £0.89
13. The Rights of Man £0.89
14. Neil Gows Apprentice £0.89

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This album feature's one of Orkney's most gifted singers, performing his favourite songs including some Orkney classics by Allie Windwick

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