The Orkney Years Vol 2

Ivan Drever

The Orkney Years Vol 2

cd - £12.99

As Ivan Drever grew in stature as one of this country's finest folk singer songwriters, so did demand for his recorded work. While he continues to write new material, there is a huge interest in his earlier recordings, released originally on cassette. The success of the first volume of The Early Years, was such that this second volume was released. This time the material is almost exclusively self penned with a fine mixture of songs and tunes.


Guest Musicians:

Ian Cooper

Dick Clarke

Billy Peace

Duncan Chisholm

Seona Dunsmuir

album - £10.99
track listing
1. Song for Yesterday £0.89
2. The Ballad of Pirate Gow £0.89
3. The Varagen £0.89
4. Maggie's Song £0.89
5. Wearing O' The Blue £0.89
6. Here's To You £0.89
7. Cooper O' Castleyards £0.89
8. The Foaming Sea £0.89
9. A New Day £0.89
10. The Viking's Bride £0.89
11. Seona Dunsmuir £0.89
12. To Leave You £0.89
13. Half Past Ten £0.89
14. Keldabrae £0.89

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This album feature's one of Orkney's most gifted singers, performing his favourite songs including some Orkney classics by Allie Windwick

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